We’d love to invite you to our Parents’ Night Out: an opportunity for all our parents to go out for bowling and have some fun together as a group, whilst we look after your kids.

Our plan is to meet at church at 5pm on Sunday 28th October. We’ll have some lanes booked at Lane 7 Bowling for you. The bowling is just a short drive from the church building.

Whilst you’re enjoying bowling, drinks and snacks, we will be unveiling the hidden talents amongst the children with our first ever Whizz Kids Talent Show! We will also be hosting a Waffle and Ice Cream station where the Whizz Kids will be able to make and decorate their own waffles and ice creams with an extravagant choice of toppings and flavours.

You are very welcome to extend the invitation to any friends of your kids who are in that age bracket, with their parents joining you for the bowling.

Book in here with the number of adults and kids you are registering. Each person’s bowling, drinks and snacks will be by paid by themselves on the night and the Kids Cinema is free.

We hope you and your family can make it!