Whitefields Leadership College is your one year leadership training programme to equip you to take hold of the God given destiny that lies within you.

Whitefields Leadership College is a one year course with an optional second year. With three extraordinary internships to choose from, Whitefields Leadership College combines the best of teaching and training with outstanding practical experience in the sphere you choose, in partnership with two internationally recognised charities: Hope City Church and City Hearts.

At Whitefields Leadership College we believe that God has planted the seed of a dream inside every single one of us. Studying with us will allow that seed to be planted, nurtured and grow, allowing it to develop further. This is so much more than a gap year experience; it’s positioning yourself in the slipstream of God’s dream over your life and beginning to walk in it. Your name has a dream. That dream has a canvas. God is inviting you to embrace your God-colour.

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