We believe church is meant to be done together as a family and our ministries are designed to help everyone get connected into the life of the church – whatever phase of life you’re in!

From kids parties to arty rehearsals, student club outreach to compassionate charity work, we’ve got plenty of variety going on and we just know you’ll find a bunch of people that you love doing life with.

See outlines of our ministries below and chat to a leader on Sunday to find out how to get involved in your location.

City Hearts

Loving people back to life

We believe that every life matters and exist to love people back to life, relentlessly pursuing the freedom and restoration of every person. Our aim is to leave a legacy of freedom, dignity, justice, strength and love.
City Hearts believes that every life matters and exists to love people back to life, relentlessly pursuing the freedom and restoration of every person. Our aim is to leave a legacy of freedom, dignity, justice, strength and love.City Hearts was founded with the aim to help and support vulnerable women with the motivation to reach a turning point in life. Since then we have started numerous projects with a view to fulfilling this aim.

Visit the City Hearts Website

Whizz Kids

Prepare for Lift Off

Welcome to Whizz Kids! At Hope City Church we LOVE kids and are are committed to creating a safe and fun environment for all 0-11 year olds!

We ensure that every single one of our programmes is bursting at the seams with fun, creativity and laughter. Each Sunday service has it’s own Whizz Kids programme –  with CONNECT, WORSHIP GAMES, WHIZZ KIDS WORD and so much more.

We passionately want to see every child connecting with God in a relevant, exciting and lasting way that is specific to them. We have designed and shaped the programme to ensure that church is the very best place for them to be!

We’d love to help you feel at home and part of the family, so please come and talk to us at the Whizz Kids Registration Desk or speak to any member of the team wearing an orange Whizz Kids T-Shirt. All our teams are fully trained and DBS checked.

We have a fantastic creche also available for all 0-2s on Sundays during our services. Come to the Whizz Kids Desk on a Sunday morning for more information or to check out the facilities.

And if you want to become part of the Whizz Kids Team why not send us an email and request an application form!

Our annual Whizz Kids Camp is just weeks away!! We are set for an incredible few days at Hesley Wood activity cCntre and we’d love you to be a part of it.

Register for Camp


Welcome to the City!

We’re all about creating the best student life ever.

Packed with awesome friends, memory making moments and getting plugged into God’s awesome plans and purposes for your life. Uni is such a key time in your life for discovering and shaping your future, and we’re pumped to be helping you along the way.

Our heart is to see you living out your God-given destiny and be an influence on your campus.

From socials to Red Frogs outreach, services and more we’ve got loads going on for students in all our locations and we’d love to welcome you to your brand new city and our church – get in touch for more details!

Neon Youth

For all 11-17s

Neon Youth is the brightest light, the biggest party, the best friends and the loudest shout in the city!

Packed with crazy challenges, awesome music and real life wisdom on how to navigate school, family and the amazing plans that God has got for all our amazing young people!

NOTE FOR PARENTS – we love our young people and all of our events are designed with safety in mind as well as fun! We’re passionate about connecting your teenagers to God and seeing Him build, guide and grow them through their adolescent years. All our teams are fully trained and DBS checked. Check out the calendar in your location for what’s coming up for Neon near you!

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Young Adults


Every big change on planet earth has come about from a group of young adults – and we’re passionate about being a generation who sees God move.

This New Republic is a community for all 18-30 somethings and is all about surrounding you with friends, inspiration and passion to go out into your spheres of influence and impact your world. We’ve got tonnes going on for young adults in all of our locations – plus an annual conference with some of the top preachers on the planet. Get in touch and jump in!

This New Republic Conference

Sheffield | Leeds | Liverpool | Newcastle | Sunderland | Preston | Birmingham | York | London | Frankfurt | Accra | Kuala Lumpur

Business Colab

Business // Professionals // Entrepreneurs

Here at Hope City Church we value every single person and understand that many who call Hope City their home are called to be God’s ambassadors in the workplace. We want to support and resource what we call our Marketplace Leaders to enable you to thrive in what you do and to be people who are influential, create an impact and who understand the power and role of generosity in building God’s house.

Our Business Colab is not intended just for entrepreneurs or people running businesses. It’s intended for professionals, leaders, managers or intrapreneurs in the workplace and those who aspire in any one of these areas. Without successful business people, professionals an workplace  managers and leaders our mission as a church can’t be realised. The Colab is our way of supporting you along the way by connecting you with like-minded people, mentors and practical input.

Business Colab Events

Five key events per year bringing together Colab members from across the Hope City Church family. Invaluable networking, inspirational discussion, guest speakers & interactive presentations are just some of the things you can expect to see at these events. We will cover areas of personal effectiveness and development and management and leadership and provide you with a chance to discuss your workplace situation with others in an environment which is faith filled and fully behind you.

Business Colab Clinics

Smaller hang-out evenings or breakfast sessions which are built around areas of interest which are likely to be more centred around the technical aspects of marketplace leadership or entrepreneurship. Some of the regular themes we may look at are business planning, finance, effective marketing strategy, social media for business, starting a new business, HR fundamentals and so on. These will be led by our mentors in informal settings.


Members can connect with one or more of our mentors to discuss ideas, plans, proposals and challenges.  Our mentors are not there to advise you or tell you what to do.  They are there to help you to process your thoughts and make decisions which you can carry through with conviction.

The Benefits

Here are just a few of the reasons you should take a second look at the Business Colab:

Get together with other like-minded people across Hope City Church

Get invaluable input and training from people who have experience and expertise on how to succeed

Connect with one of our mentors who can be a sounding board to develop plans and over come obstacles

Promote what you do so people can let others know what you can offer

For further information or to get involved with any of our events, visit

Hope City Creative

Anything goes!


From lights, music and media to design and dance we love all things creative – and believe that church should be full of artistic expression purposefully channelled to glorify God.

We love how creativity captures attention, inspires wonder and expresses age old messages to new generations. It’s in the heartbeat of who we are and we are all about bringing that fresh spark to all we do.

We’ve produced albums, TV series, live performances and more and we’re always pushing to do bigger, better and more cutting edge things! Plus you’ll see us in action in all our services, leading worship, setting the scene, snapping the photos. Our Creative teams are a huge part of our worship experience.

Whether you’re a musician, singer, lighting genius, wordsmith or would just like to develop your creative side, even learn a new instrument – then come along to our Creative Nights on Thursdays to get involved!


The Women's Ministry of Hope City


“Strength and dignity are her clothing, and she laughs at the time to come.” Proverbs 31:25

SHE IS is the women’s ministry of Hope City Church. In a world that fixates on body image, sexuality and low self-worth, it’s so important for us as women to realise who God says we are – strong, dignified and unafraid. SHE IS is all about doing every stage of womanhood with power and poise, and under the loving gaze of our Father God.

Whether you are a student or a grandma, a young mum or a single professional, the various expressions of SHE IS will support you, challenge you and bring fun to your world!

Our national women’s conference – SHE IS – runs every February, bringing hundreds of women from all walks of life together to engage with world-renowned speakers and spend time in the presence of God with each other.

SHE IS 2018

We run SHE IS gatherings in all of our Locations throughout the year, giving you an opportunity to build relationships and have fun together with women from your region and your walk of life.

We are also unfolding WE ARE WOMAN as a special gathering for women over the age of 35; the generals in our midst, who have fought hard for their stripes and upon whom rests a unique mantle of wisdom, strength and insight.

Every location has different events and streams for you to get involved in. Choose your location and get in touch for more information about SHE IS there:

Sheffield | Leeds | Liverpool | Newcastle | Sunderland | Preston | Birmingham | York | London | Frankfurt | Accra | Kuala Lumpur