London Life


YA Fridays

1380 800 Sats Solanki

For all our young adults these unique socials will give you the chance to explore the best of London, make memories and build friendships. Dates: 28th September, 7th December Time:…

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Welcome party

Welcome Parties | 18th November

1400 800 Sats Solanki

For people who have recently started attending our services our ‘Welcome Parties’ are a lunch and short presentation introducing you to the founding story, our leaders and our heart for…

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Travel Devotional Series

2160 1080 Sats Solanki

Sign up for the latest in our brand new series hitting your email inbox for an injection of inspiration to start your day. Subscribe to the Travel Devotional Series Email…

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Hey Students!

1920 1080 Sats Solanki

WELCOME TO YOUR CITY! Across the 13 locations of Hope City Church we’re about to welcome thousands of new University Students who are moving to study at one of our…

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