YA Tuesdays

YA Tuesdays

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YA Tuesdays is the Young Adult and Student service of Hope City Leeds.

At YA Tuesdays, we are so passionate to become a new generation of Young Adults who:

  • love Jesus unashamedly and live like it
  • aren’t perfect, but are aware we are made in the image of a perfect God
  • desire to make Jesus known
  • live fun, authentic and full lives

We meet just by the University of Leeds Campus at The Faversham. It has free parking too so it’s a fantastic location! We begin our nights at 7pm, see you there!!

The Faversham, 1-5 Springfield Mount, Leeds LS2 9NG.

Dates coming up:
27th February
13th March
27th March
17th April
1st May
15th May
29th May
12th June