Since the inception of Hope City Church 27 years ago, there has been Men’s ministry. It’s taken place at every service, at every small group and on every occasion imaginable. It’s taken place wherever we have been: church, work and in our homes. It’s been amongst us. The influence of it has been real, powerful, and released so many.

So why do a Men’s conference? Because now there’s a rise, a stir, a ground swell. Momentum. Victor Hugo once said, ‘nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.’ The time has come. For a gathering of men. As men. Brothers, fathers and sons. Leaders, followers and influencers.

We’re believing this conference will ignite something powerful in the life of every man in Hope City. As we gather with intent, we’re choosing to shake up the facades of “man” that we all can so easily hide behind and take that step closer to being real together. Bottom line – It’s a gathering for transformation into a greater reality of who we are in Christ. That is ultimately why we know you’ll want to be there!