NEONTIVI3 – Nativity Story With A Twist

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NEONTIVI3 First there was the Neontivity, then there was the Neon2vity, now there’s this tongue twister of a title. You are invited to join Neon Youth Leeds as they deliver…

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BAPTISMS – 24th June

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The Bible says to believe and be baptised – a symbolic act of dying to your old self and being raised to life in Jesus Christ. If you are a…

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NEON Youth guys and girls bible study happening every 3 weeks on a Saturday 10:30am-12pm. Here the youth will learn about how to read the bible, how to ‘SOAP’ their…

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(NEON + NATIVITY + THE FACT IT’S THE SECOND ONE) It’s happening again, what was once thought of simply as a one-off production to suffer through is back again this…

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