NEONTIVI3 – Nativity Story With A Twist

NEONTIVI3 – Nativity Story With A Twist

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First there was the Neontivity, then there was the Neon2vity, now there’s this tongue twister of a title. You are invited to join Neon Youth Leeds as they deliver a not very accurate yet entirely entertaining retelling of the Christmas story.

Through the medium of song, dance and terrible puns, rediscover the nativity story like you’ve never seen it before, featuring all your favourite characters such as Mary, Joseph and Black Panther and songs taken from The Greatest Showman, Frozen and Childish Gambino. This ain’t your grandma’s nativity play!

On top of being a superb time all round, it’s also a great chance to support the amazing youth of Hope City Church Leeds with a chance to invest into the youth group and support youth who are disadvantaged in the area. Come along for the craziest Christmas performance happening this year! Suitable for all ages.



Make sure you get a seat by signing up here !