We are excited to announce that we are moving to a new permanent space on site at APW Bangsar and are due to move in this October.

It will mark the end of popping up church every week, leaving more time for people to connect and spend time with each other after our services. It’s going to increase our capacity up to 250 seats per service and will give us scope to add creatively to our presentations of the gospel. We are expectant over this new season and hope you’ll start considering who you can invite.

We’d love the opportunity to share the plans, designs and how we can make this dream a reality. Join us after the services to view the plans and find out how you can be part of it.


Please keep the planning and logistics in prayer as the project begins at the end of June. Our target date is mid September to complete.
Our outdoor space plans require planning permission so please pray for creative solutions and an ease to this development.

For anyone who’d like to partner financially towards this project – we are looking to raise 100,000RM towards production equipment, please follow this link and view the KL bank acct details for online giving. Alternatively, cash or cheques to ‘Hope City Church Kuala Lumpur’ can be given at any Hope City KL event or service.