A night for all those on team or who would love to find out more about pioneering with us on one of our weekend service teams. 

Along with our CREATORS theme this month of November we have a special edition of ALL IN: Creators lab with 8 Creative Labs to spark your imagination! An opportunity to learn two new creative skills in one night from the following:

Pipe lamp Construction – Repurposing Dads DIY shelf!
Knitting – The other way to use chopsticks!
Ink Craft – Breaking all the handwriting rules 
Water colour painting – Adding a splash of colour to your canvas
Flower arranging – It’s not as simple as it looks 
Balloon modelling – Everyone needs a party trick
Creative Budgeting – Making your money go further!
Creative Investment – Getting some adulting going

It’s a night not to be missed!

Wednesday 14 November
FREE Dinner is served at 7:30pm