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Starting September 2020

The Hope City Internship is a weekly internship opportunity with structured content happening every Monday evening – with opportunities to receive practical training and experience within a myriad of ministries.

Meet the Pastors

Hey there!

We are geared up for a fantastic Internship year ahead and we would love to invite you to be part of it. Our heart is to see you develop your Leadership potential and to grow in your personal gifts and abilities. This year of Ministry training will build a foundation of faith and practical skills that will be invaluable for your life, leadership and ministry in the years ahead.


Lead Pastors, Hope City Frankfurt & Darmstadt

The Internship

What does the internship entail?

Duration & Location

Hope City Internships are a 10 month internship opportunity, running from 30th August 2020 – 27 June 2021.

Internships will primarily be based in your church location, under the care of your Pastors and their leadership team.

The Programme

This is a weekly internship opportunity with structured content happening every Monday.

Monday Evenings Each Week

The evening will involve both live and online lectures from a wide variety of church leaders and proven practitioners from all across the world (taking place 19:30 – 21.30).
Evenings will alternate between Home Study and time together at the church venue.

The internship will also involve practical training and experience in an appropriate department area, under the care of your Pastor and their team.

Leadership Advances

Throughout the year there will be Leadership Advance days. These are set times of intensive lectures, including guest speakers. These are designed to be a hot-house environment for learning, growth and impartation, as well as bringing a strong sense of camaraderie to the year group where you’ll build relationships that last far beyond your internship.

Departmental Opportunities

Alongside Monday’s structured content, you will gain experience whilst helping a department area significantly advance in the life of the church. This will allow your gifting to come to the forefront as you are mentored by leaders who will provide you with practical training and serving opportunities.

Here’s a selection of some of the departmental opportunities:

Events Management

Worship & Production

Design & Media

Whizz Kids

Neon Youth

YA – Young Adults

Pastoral Care

Financial Administration

Community Outreach

Red Frogs Teams

Recovery Programmes

Church Planting

Sunday Services and Mid-Week Events

As an Intern, you will be expected to play an appropriate and active part in the rhythm of your church location’s Sunday services and mid-week events.

Flagship Events

You will be expected to engage in serving at Hope City’s conferences throughout the year which will allow you to gain valuable experience. These are:

  • Society – Young Adults Conference Sheffield, UK (recommended but optional)
  • She is – Women’s Conference Frankfurt, Germany (compulsory)
  • Lead Summit – Leaders Conference Sheffield, UK (recommended but optional)

Bible Study and Book Reviews

You will have the opportunity to participate in a pre-selected bible reading plan throughout the year and a monthly book reading plan. The discipline of these reading plans is there to see your devotional life and real heart connection with God go from strength to strength this year.

Mission Options

The opportunity to go on a Hope City Mission trip will come up over the course of the year. This would add another dimension to your Internship experience (this will have an extra fee on top of the standard internship fee).

Teaching Subjects

Throughout the year you will receive teaching from inspiring speakers and proven practitioners on a variety of subjects. This will be facilitated through three unique environments: Leadership Advances, Full-Day Intensives and Online Lectures.

A selection of the subjects you will cover over the course of the year are:

      • Faith Dynamics
      • Pastoral Care
      • Old and New Testament Overview
      • Moving in the Spirit
      • Systematic Theology
      • The Book of Acts
      • Managing Yourself and Others
      • Prophecy and its Manifestation
      • Developing the Leader Within You
      • The Pastoral Epistles
      • Personal Discipleship
      • Letters to the Church in Revelation
      • The Creative Mindset
      • Church Distinctives
      • Preaching Masterclass

PLUS so much more!

By the end of the year, our aim is that you will have a firmer biblical grounding with a richer understanding of the scriptures and their application in your life and a keen sense of call with an array of practical tools to keep moving forward. 

Term Dates

Term 1 – Monday 31st August – Monday 14th December 2020

Term 2 – Monday 11th January – Monday 29th March 2021

Term 3 – Monday 19th April – Monday 14th July 2021


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€800 course fee.

Payable as a €50 deposit, followed by three termly payments of €250, due before each term begins.

Please note that all travel costs to be where you need to be throughout your internship are also payable by you, as well as the 8 selected books for your monthly book reading plan.

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Is the Hope City Internship right for you?

To apply for a Hope City Internship we expect that you meet the following basic entry requirements. You must:

      • Be a committed Christian who loves Jesus Christ as your personal Lord & Saviour.
      • Be aged 18 or over.
      • Be able to provide a pastoral reference from a church department leader who recommends you for the course.
      • Already be actively serving in the life of your church.
      • Be able to provide an understanding of how you will finance your year to cover fees and living costs.
      • Complete an interview assessment with your Pastor who will oversee your internship.

There are two ways non-Hope City applicants can be part of this Internship.

Firstly, with the blessing of your local Pastor, you can come and intern with us. Or secondly, we welcome the discussion with your Pastor on how your church could partner with our internship programme, and run it based in your own church location.

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