Hope City Internships

The Future Is Now

Hope City Church is offering you the opportunity to be mentored and trained in leadership and ministry, as well as vitally contributing to the ongoing success of our global vision to see His Kingdom come upon the Earth. 

Based in your church location, this one year internship is designed to be the start of something remarkable taking place in your life.

Martin Luther King. Nelson Mandela. William Wilberforce. Mahatma Gandhi. Steve Jobs. James Dyson. Leonardo Da Vinci. Jesus Christ.

These names require no explanation. They’re names of people who lived their lives full of vision, purpose and the conviction that they were the ones called to make the dream a reality. Their names are a bold colour painted across the landscape of the world, known because they embraced their gift and lived it out fully.

The same can be true of you! For God has a dream for your life and it’s a dream that impacts eternity. He already sees the person you can become and knows the great things you can achieve. 

Heaven has made a way for great things to come to pass in your life. It’s right now, with each faith-filled step you make, that the future dream becomes a closer reality.

The greatness of your life begins here and now.

We look forward to seeing it unfold.



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