Get Involved

We’re passionate about seeing you


Here’s some things we’ve set aside in our calendar to help you do just that.

Dinner Parties

Our Dinner Parties happen on Wednesday nights. They are for all ages and for whatever life group you represent from late singles and young families to empty nesters as well as youth. Everyone’s included.

Food was a big part of Jesus’ life and it’s a big part of our journey to belonging. Even when He was about to leave this earth, He had a last supper with His disciples! Food relaxes you a lot; and we want you to feel like you can relax, find space to be you, allow others to really get to know you and have confidence to express yourself freely. Someone’s bound to click with you. If you don’t fit in a group, try another!

Growth Track

The vision of our Growth Track is to help you to grow strong in your faith journey. 

We want to give you both practical help and life skills as well as give you simple step by step solutions to some of life’s complexities. By building a foundation of God’s Word and with the fires of prayer burning, you’ll grow in ways you never thought you could.

Dream Teams

Dream Teams are exactly what they say on the tin – teams that help the dream of Hope City becoming a fast growing church full of people, connecting to both God and each other.

You can be any age to be a part of a Dream Team and you don’t need to have been a Christian for very long at all. The only proviso for any of our ‘pastoral’ teams, that are more relationally oriented, is that you become a Partner in the Vision (see Growth Track for details). Sometimes our Dream Teams are asked to help out at some of our conferences and special nights, but you can decide nearer to the time if you’d like to extend your involvement.

Let’s Go Party

We have freed up one Wednesday each month to give you a chance to get out and party with your neighbours, friends, workmates, college mates and anyone else who could do with your friendship and you theirs!

Jesus said in John 7 that “rivers of living water will flow from your inmost being”. He was talking about the Holy Spirit, but because the Holy Spirit is in you, He’s also talking about you! He describes you as a river (not a lake or a pond) and not just a river, but a life giving river.

Rivers are brilliant at not just receiving but giving as well. That’s the true you – someone itching to give out all you’ve received. Make your world feel like a million dollars through your spirit of encouragement and show your world what Jesus is really like through your trustworthiness, authenticity, fun and faith.

You need to party, and this is your opportunity to let your hair down and show the world who you really are. Plus you’ll make some good friends who can show you a thing or two as well.

Don’t snuggle up at home with the same friends you’ve always had, but step out into a whole new world- they’ve been expecting you!

Talk to Us

If you would like anymore information on how you can get involved in all we are doing as a church, send us a message!