The heart of the Christian faith is not a symbol or a philosophy, but a person. Jesus Christ is the person at the centre of all that Christian’s believe and it is He that we worship as our Lord and Saviour.

Christians’ believe that Jesus Christ is not just a historical figure, but the Son of God who was born as a man to do what only God could do – deal with our sin and make it possible for us to once more enter into relationship with our God. More than that, although he died on a cross to make that possible – he was resurrected so that we can continue, to this day, to be in relationship with him by His Spirit.

You may have many questions about what has just been said and more, which is why we welcome everyone, no matter what stage of the faith journey you are at, to join us at one of our weekend services and begin to discover for yourself who Jesus is and why the things he has done can make such a difference to your life.

Here are a few stories from people who did just that. Then maybe check out our Alpha page and come and join us in one of our weekend services near you.