So you’re attending church! You love the music and you come along regularly. But what’s next? How can you begin to grow in your faith and be better connected to the community of people around you.

To help you figure out your next step – welcome to Pathways. 

Pathways is designed to suggest the next steps that you can take as a member of Hope City Church to grow in your faith and establish strong and consistent friendships that we all need to do life well. To discover your next step – head to the Resources or Information Point in your location and speak to our helpful hosts today. They’ll help point you in the right direction.

Here are some of the opportunities available to you as part of our Pathways next steps.

WELCOME PARTIES: With delicious food, the Welcome Party is a chance for you to meet the team and a whole bunch of other people who joined Hope City at a similar time to you.

DINNER PARTIES: Dinner Parties are the midweek communities of Hope City, designed to be a place where people can talk openly about faith, share a meal and build friendships.

JOIN A TEAM: The teams at Hope City make everything happen, and we need your unique mix of gifts to jump on board too! Speak to us today and find your fit.

YES COURSE: A short course exploring the fundamentals of the Christian faith. It’s perfect for people that have recently said ’yes’ to Jesus or those looking for a refresher.

BAPTISM: Let us celebrate with you that your life has been transformed by Jesus as you take the plunge and publicly show that you have found new life in Christ.

SPIRITUAL GIFTS MASTERCLASS: A one hour session to help you to discover your personal strengths, and hear how those strengths can function within various teams in Hope City.

DISCOVER THE VISION: A short course to bring you in on where we’ve come from, where we are going and how you can play your part in the future.

DISCOVERING PARTNERSHIP: A two part course that will help you discover our values, culture and quirks, and also how you can help shoulder the vision by becoming one of our Partners in the Vision.