New long term venue

New long term venue

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We just moved into our new long term church venue!

It is so exciting that we were not just moving into a nice room, but an entire building, only used by us! And it’s not somewhere in the outer nowhere, but right in the heart of the city – just a 2 minute walk from Luisencenter and 2 more from Luisenplatz!

We’ve seen Jesus providing for us step by step, and it is so amazing that we will now have the opportunity to grow, have kids or students meet on weekdays and of course we will celebrate Sunday services with inspiration from God himself. Most of all we want to serve the people in our city by spreading the good news: You are loved by God and there is a place to find peace.

You do not want to miss these exciting times. So be there every Sunday at Hope City Church Darmstadt!

This is where we meet: Adelungstr. 18, 64283 Darmstadt

Every Sunday at 17:00 at Hope City Church Darmstadt

Siobhan Bullock

Steve and Siobhan were released to go to Germany to establish Hope City Frankfurt as well as Hope City Darmstadt. They are enthusiastic ‘disciple makers’ and love creating church in the heartlands of Europe. They have 3 children.

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