8th-9th November 2019

WHY? Why another conference? What do we get from it? What’s the set up, the endless meetings, the stress for registrations and the budget struggles all for?



A society is defined as an organization or club formed for a particular purpose or activity.

Our win is people meeting the Jesus behind their religion. The God of their to do list. The saviour of their soul not just the saviour their career or prayer request.

For us to be able to spend time in his presence with no agenda, just a hunger for him. 

For us to seek his face, not just his hand as when we seek his face we get his hand anyway. 

My prayer is for a movement where everyone has JUST ONE MOMENT where the ‘stars align’ so to speak; where the penny drops. 

‘I’m not enough’ would be the cry of our hearts but not the position we remain in as we drink from the well and are filled with strength from the one who is more than enough. 

The cry of our hearts, the words on our lips, the petition of heaven from the conviction of everyone who knows someone that need The one; Send me

THIS is our particular purpose. To change the world around us with the good news of Jesus Christ; And WE WON’T remain silent any longer. The world NEEDS to know. 

THIS is the WHY of Society

We have set out to create a gathering of Young Adults, Uni Students and College students from all different church styles, denominations and backgrounds who truly believe that Jesus is the only thing that will transform their workplace, campus or college! The Bible says that where there is unity, God commands a blessing, and we believe that The Church of God is called to change this nation together, so let So.ciety be a platform from which you can get inspired to go out and do just that!