22nd-23rd February 2019


The ministry of ‘She Is’ was birthed in Hope City Church over 20 years ago, initially with a conference called ‘She Is Fabulous’. It was started with a desire to affirm the God woman; the beautiful, spirited, chosen woman whom God has called to not just endure life but to embrace and take it by the reins.

Over the last two decades, She Is, has grown and expanded both in numbers, locations and in emphasis. It has expanded to accommodate the multi generational and multi racial aspect of the life of Hope City Church and the wider church. And now has launched She Is conferences in three continents.

In She Is 2019, we are believing the Holy Spirit will visit us in such a new and powerful way, our entire outlooks will be radically transformed and a new freedom and liberation will engulf us. Our prayer is that we who have seen dimly….. shall see Him face to face.

This year we are so excited to have three incredible guests for conference:

  • Vicki Simpson – C3 Oxford Falls, Australia
  • Lorne Tebbutt – C3 Calgary, Canada
  • Mia Fieldes – Belonging Co, USA

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SHE IS 2019