About Us

Every one of us at Hope City Church is passionate about people knowing Jesus and living their best life.

Hope City Church

Hope City Church is a multisite church currently consisting of 12 locations with its ‘founding location’ in Sheffield, England. It is a contemporary Christian church and a part of C3 Global, a movement of around 500 church locations based out from Sydney Australia.

Hope City Church is a protestant church, believing that salvation is found by grace and not by being ‘good enough,’ and is pentecostal in it’s celebration of The Holy Spirit bringing joy, wisdom and power into our everyday lives. It is traditional in many of its values yet contemporary in its style of music and relevancy of its preaching. It enjoys a great relationship with the Church of England through Reverend Canon J John, and has strong connections with The Australian Christian Church (ACC), Ground Level Network, Pioneer Network, International Network of Churches (INC), Assemblies of God in Great Britain and Northern Ireland (AOG), as well as local churches in the cities we are located in.

Hope City Church was pioneered in Sheffield in 1991 by Pastors Dave and Jenny Gilpin in response to the Hillsborough Stadium tragedy when almost 100 Liverpool fans lost their lives. Within a few years they launched what is now called Hope Church in Rotherham. In 2002 they launched what is now called Audacious! Church which is now one of Manchester’s largest churches.

After this Hope City Leeds was established as well as Hope City Liverpool, Hope City Newcastle, Hope City Accra in Ghana, Hope City Frankfurt, Hope City Kuala Lumpur, Hope City London and Hope City Birmingham.

More recently the Leeds location has launched Hope City York, the Newcastle location has launched Hope City Sunderland and the Frankfurt location has launched Hope City Darmstadt.

Hope City Sheffield has continued to move forward and has a vision to build a 1,100 seater auditorium including a vibrant community outreach service providing training and social opportunity for all ages and backgrounds.

In 2005, City Hearts was pioneered by Jenny Gilpin offering a lifeline to women with life controlling issues. Since then it has become an independent charity that supports survivors (women, men and children) of modern day slavery through its Safe House and Outreach programmes. It continues to run its original ‘restore program’ for women, is expanding internationally and continues to grow in Britain in providing work opportunities for survivors through the ‘Bright Future’ connection with large retail businesses.

Dave & Jenny Gilpin

Dave and Jenny Gilpin are the Founding Pastors of Hope City Church. Here’s a little background to how they ended up planting a church in the UK.

Whilst being busy as Youth Pastors, of what is now Life Church in Brisbane, Australia, Dave and Jenny watched the Hillsborough Stadium tragedy unfold in Sheffield, England, where almost 100 people lost their lives. It was through this event that they felt called to move from Australia to the North of England to begin a contemporary, vibrant, Christian church that would one day spread out to other cities and nations across the world.

Today, Hope City Church represents over 3000 people across 12 locations and has been the catalyst in the creation of City Hearts that has been involved in the care and rehabilitation of thousands of survivors of modern slavery. Hope City is a part of the C3 family of churches originating from Sydney, Australia.

Dave Gilpin was actually born in England in Birkenhead, near Liverpool. At the age of five his family moved to Brisbane before moving again to Melbourne and Canberra. He went on to complete a Civil Engineering degree at Sydney University.

In his third year, after spending a lot of time not quite pursuing his studies, he became a Christian after getting to know some ‘born again’ Christians up close and personal. Caught up in a culture of partying hard, he came to a self realisation that deep within him was an emptiness that was in the shape of God and, after much investigation, could only be filled by Jesus alone. After finishing his degree and working in construction management in the outback of Queensland, he attended a small bible training college in Brisbane.

Jenny Gilpin was born and raised in Australia. Adopted at birth, she was brought up in a Christian home. After her mum was physically healed from a recurring blood disease, they started attending what is now Nexus Church in Brisbane. Her dad passed away when she was 16 and at 18 she attended a one year bible training college attached to the church.

At the end of that year, Jen met Dave and after they were married they moved into a five year apprenticeship as youth pastors at Life Church before being called to the UK.

Dave has written a number of books that reflect on his quirky yet intelligent style of communicating. His heart is to raise up leaders and see people set free from a spirit of perfectionism that causes so many to pull back and live small and secluded lives. These books include, ‘The Hit Factory‘,  ‘Jesus Save me from Your Followers’, ‘Sacred Cows Make Great BBQs’ and, ‘Up the Creek without a Paddle’ which is a diary that tracks the first 10 years of pioneering church in a new country.

Jen hosts the annual She Is Women’s conference held in all the nations represented by Hope City. Her personal story of adoption and history behind it has taken her across the world, bringing both freedom and the ‘Father’s heart’ to people caught up by their feelings of both rejection and loss. In 2005 she launched City Hearts for women with life controlling issues. It has now become an independent charity and has helped thousands of survivors of human trafficking and find new freedom and hope through its soft courses and care programmes.

You can find out more about City Hearts here. You can find out more about Dave’s leadership teaching at davegilpin.com

Meet the Leadership Team

Dave and Jenny Gilpin

Dave and Jenny are the Senior ‘Global’ Pastors of Hope City Church overseeing, along with the Board, the vision, health and operations of Hope City in all of its expressions. They also lead Hope City Sheffield and have one son who currently resides in Sydney and is the Assistant to the Music Faculty Head of C3 College.

Chris and Gosia Denham

Chris and Gosia were trained at Cliff College, a qualified training centre of the Methodist Church and joined Hope City Sheffield upon their graduation. They lead Hope City Leeds as well as Hope City York and have a heart to both raise leaders and reach the marginalized through Hope Project Leeds. They have 2 children.

Simon and Rachael Taylor

Simon and Rachael were born and raised in Sheffield and were sent out firstly to help establish what is now Audacious! Church in Manchester, and then to pioneer Hope City Newcastle. They have 3 children and have a heart to see a thriving church in the North East of England.

Steve and Siobhan Bullock

Steve and Siobhan were released to go to Germany to establish Hope City Frankfurt as well as Hope City Darmstadt. They are enthusiastic ‘disciple makers’ and love creating church in the heartlands of Europe. They have 3 children.

Ali and Karen Bianchi

Ali and Karen were the Family Pastors of Hope City Sheffield before being released to take over the leadership of Hope City Accra, Ghana. Karen was the Director of City Hearts for a strong season seeing it grow from small beginnings to what it’s become today. They have 4 children and want to see the church thrive in Africa.

Joel and Emma Burden

Joel and Emma came to Sheffield as students and went on to head up our creative ministry and work as PA to the Senior Pastor’s respectively. With mission in their blood, they were released to go to South East Asia and plant an expression of Hope City in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, where Joel’s grandparents once spent time as missionaries. They have one son and want the church to grow both fast and strong.

David and Lisa Stoner

Dave and Lisa were trained at Kingdom Faith training college. They spent time ministering in Chorley, Lancashire before coming the Lead Pastors of Hope City Liverpool. Their heart is to see the church rise in health and vitality and to see people enter into their full potential. They have 2 children.

Tebo and Becky Mpanza

Tebo met Becky at Hope City Leeds and after they married they were released to become Lead Pastors of Hope City Birmingham. Their contemporary style and their optimism has allowed them to raise up a young congregation that sees no limits for what God can do in that city.

Sats and Emma Solanki

Sats and Emma originally met as students in Sheffield and then spent time in Hope City Frankfurt pioneering worship and creativity. They were released to head to London to become Lead Pastors of Hope City London that meets weekly in the trendy suburb of Shoreditch. They want to make a huge differences to the Capital! They have two children.

Ian and Kat Harding

Ian and Kat are both graduates of the Whitefields Leadership College. Ian was a part of the team who launched Hope City Newcastle and after they were married, Kat joined him in the North East. After 10 years of being a part of the Newcastle location, they recently moved to pioneer Hope City Sunderland. They carry a steadfast spirit and are committed to seeing the city thrive. They have one son.