Everyone at Hope City Church is passionate about people knowing Jesus and living their best life.

Everything we do is to build the Kingdom of God, bring out the God potential in people and live life the way God intended us to live. Our heart is for the cities in which we live and our dream is to establish authentic communities of faith where people can grow together in their relationship with Jesus and support each other in the adventures ahead.

Dave & Jenny Gilpin

About Our Senior Pastors

Dave and Jenny Gilpin are the Global Senior Pastors and Founders of Hope City Church. Here’s a little background to how they ended up planting a church in the UK.

Dave was born in 1960 on the Wirral before, at the age of five, the family moved to Australia where he grew up and eventually completed a Civil Engineering degree at Sydney University. In his third year at university he became a Christian through a large evangelistic push called, ‘Know Christ, Know Life; No Christ, No Life’. He realised that the emptiness within him was in the shape of God and could only be filled by Jesus alone. After two years working for a concrete company, Dave attended Renewal Ministry Training College in Brisbane to strengthen his walk with God and explore God’s plan for his life.

Jenny was born in 1966 in Brisbane, Australia. Adopted at birth she was brought up in a Christian home and gave her heart to Jesus at the age of six. At eleven, Jenny was baptised both in water and in the Holy Spirit and throughout her teenage years had a profound sense of the call of God on her life. At eighteen, Jenny attended Bible College and completed a Diploma of Ministry. On the last night of college, while doing some street evangelism, Jenny met Dave!

Together they became Youth Pastors at Southside Christian Renewal Centre for about six years until God called them to Sheffield in the UK.

Having arrived in the UK pregnant with their son Ryan, Dave and Jenny planted Hope City Church from scratch and have been amazed by Gods faithfulness through seeing twelve locations established and still growing!

Dave has written a number of books including ‘The Hit Factory‘,  ‘Jesus Save me from Your Followers’, ‘Sacred Cows Make Great BBQs’ and, ‘Up the Creek without a Paddle’ which features extracts from his and Jen’s diaries in the early years when they moved from Australia to the UK. He also loves to paint and explore his creative side in all things media related!

Jenny hosts the annual She Is Women’s conference with women coming from around the UK and the world and has also pioneered a ministry called ‘City Hearts’ for women in the UK and Europe. She has a huge heart to see broken women restored as well as those who have become victims of human trafficking find justice and freedom. You can find out more at the website www.city-hearts.co.uk

Hear more from Dave on his Leadership site davegilpin.com

C3 Church


Hope City is a C3 Church, which means we’re part of a global movement called C3 Church Global that is committed to healthy relationships and connection between ministers and churches.

Together we are united with Christ in His vision to save the lost, make disciples and build His church.

C3 Church Global was started by Ps Phil & Chris Pringle who with a passion for Jesus and a desire to see this world won for Christ, arrived in Sydney in 1980 to start a church. With just 12 people attending an Easter service, Christian Centre Northside began (which became C3 Church in Oxford Falls) and the C3 Church movement, as we now know it, was birthed. This church grew to over 400 in 4 years and soon began planting within Sydney and beyond to cities and countries outside of Australia.

Now with over 400 churches in 40 countries, we are rapidly moving towards our 2020 Vision of 1,000 churches with an average membership of 500 people planted by the year 2020.

For more details about C3 Church including our Statement of Belief – visit our Global website.

Phil Pringle

The President of C3 Global

Phil Pringle and his wife Christine founded C3 Church Global, launching a worldwide movement of rapidly growing churches. Currently with 415 in 40 countries, C3 Church is reaching nearly 100,000 people, and has a vision of 1000 churches established by the year 2020. Living as hippies in the 1970’s, Phil and Chris were radically converted to Christianity in a small, conservative Pentecostal church. Marrying soon after, they totally embraced their new life and faith together; preaching the gospel with everyone they encountered, reaching out to the poor and needy, and literally sharing all they owned.

Eventually they pastored a small church in the town of Littleton, New Zealand. One day in a café, ever the artist, Pastor Phil sketched their church dream on a napkin as they shared coffee (what value that napkin be!) and the rest, as they say, is history. Leaving the picturesque south island of New Zealand in 1980, Phil and Chris, their three children and some faithful friends, followed the call of God and established the first Christian City Church in Dee Why on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, known globally today as C3 Church.

Pastors Phil and Chris Pringle’s greatest love is the local church, and ultimately winning Sydney to Christ, as well as the many other cities C3 Global has now expanded into. Pastor Phil is increasingly in high demand as a key communicator on faith, church planting and leadership. He says, “Boldness is the signature of God in this world.” He is committed to developing the many bold and varied leaders that are needed to expand the C3 Global vision and plant churches where hope can be found, the lost saved, the power of the Holy Spirit revealed, along with all the colorful vibrant storytelling of the gospel synonymous with Pastors Phil and Chris Pringle.


Our History

The Story so far...

“Aussie Church Starting” – a newspaper advert announced the arrival of ‘The Hope of Sheffield Christian Church’ in Easter 1991. Here’s the story since then:

The church was launched after Dave and Jenny Gilpin watched coverage of the Sheffield Hillsborough disaster on Australian television. For Dave it meant coming back to where he was born, but for Jenny it meant leaving her native Australia and launching into the unknown which has led to a church that now meets in multiple locations across the world. Here’s a brief outline of the key events as they happened:

1991 – 1993: The church kicks off in Sheffield at a couple of community halls, schools and university halls, before ending up at Granville College.

1994: The Hope of Sheffield Christian Church moves to a more permanent address right in the heart of the city in an old warehouse on Matilda Street.

1998: The church continues to grow and takes over an old derelict tool factory right in the heart of the city and names it ‘The Megacentre’. The name is also changed to ‘Hope City Church’.

October 2002-2004: With a vision to build the church in cities across the North of England teams lead by Dave start Hope City Manchester (2002), Hope City Liverpool (2003) and Hope City Leeds (2004).

April 2007: After great growth and success in Manchester the congregation is released to become Audacious! Church under Glyn & Sophia Barrett who had been Associate Pastors in Hope City Church for 11 years.

September 2007: Teams road trip again and Hope City Newcastle is born.

Late 2008: The Sheffield Megacentre concert hall is expanded from a 600 seater to a 900 seater creating a brand new state-of-the-art concert venue and Hope City Leeds acquires a large multi-story warehouse and office building on the edge of the city centre looking straight out on to one of Leed’s busiest roads.

October 2009: Hope City Birmingham is launched on a Friday night in the city centre.

March 2010: Hope City Accra begins pre-launch meetings with a team being sent out from the UK as the church aims to plant it’s first international location.

January 2011: Hope City Leeds completes development of a new 400 seat auditorium and moves in.

June 2011: Hope City Church celebrates it’s 20th Birthday with a packed Sheffield City Hall and the Hope City Theatre Company wows the crowds and the city’s dignatories.

September 2011: A church in Chorley is adopted and becomes Hope City Lancashire and at Easter 2012 they add a service location in Preston!

February 2012: The UK team land in Frankfurt in preparation for the start of Hope City Frankfurt – our first location on mainland Europe.

March 2013: With a massive roadtrip from all our locations and a whole bunch of Londoners we launch in England’s Capital with a bang – after a number of pre-launch events, weekly services for Hope City London start in September 2013.

June 2013: Hope City Church becomes an official C3 Church as we join forces with a global movement pioneered by Pastor Phil & Chris Pringle. Hope City is delighted to be part of the C3 Global movement which is believing to plant 1000 churches by 2020

September 2013: With Hope City Newcastle steadily growing in their new home at the Centre for Life, a team of Geordies cross the river to begin evening services in Hope City Sunderland.

September 2014: A team of adventurers move to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to prepare for an Easter 2015 Hope City KL church launch!

April 2015: Newcastle move to a permanent home in a great facility by the river.

October 2015: A team from Leeds heads out on a Sunday afternoon and launch our twelfth location – Hope City York!

Mid 2016: Hope City Church celebrates 25 years with a whole host of celebrations from a special Partners Ball through to our biggest family conference yet, Whitefields.

And the story continues…

(For an insight into the early years of Hope City Church read Ps Dave & Jenny’s book ‘Up the Creek without a Paddle’ which includes extracts from their diaries and letters.)